You Tubing with TIO on Cypress Mountain

* Schedule *

You are free to meet us at any one of the spot. If you need carpool, please contact Corry or Kirk. Kirk's phone number is 778.838.3111. Feel free to call if you can't find us or have any question.

11:00 am: Park Royal Whitespot for lunch.

12:15 pm: Leave Whitespot and get to Cypress.

12:50 pm: Arrive at Cypress Mountain. We will meet at the Nordic Ticket Office.

1:00 pm: We will start tubing on the snow tube park. See above for map.


Stop youtubing at home! Come You-Tubing with us on Crypress!!!

Come and join TIO for the rush and exhilarating thrill of snow tubing in the fully supervised SnowTube Park. Cypress SnowPlay area is all about having fun! Cruise down the slopes then let the tube tow do the work of bringing you back up the hill.

No equipment or experience necessary.

Location: Cypress Mountain
Date:Feb 26, 2012
Time: 1:00 ~ 4:00 pm
Cost: $16 (sign up closes Feb 21 11:59 pm)*

To sign up, use the sign up form below.

Questions? Contact Kirk (

*If you miss the registration deadline, you are still welcome to join us, but you'll have to pay the regular price $17.92.

Signups closed for this Events

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